List of Publications

In preparation

  •  Chaniot J., Moreaud M., Sorbier L., Becker J.-M. and Fournel T. (2021). "Scalable morphological accessibility of complex microstructures", submitted to Pattern Recognition Letters
  • Nieto-Draghi C., Creton B., Martin X., Chaniot J., Moreaud M. (2021). "New Descriptors to Characterize Porous Materials", journal to be defined
  • Chaniot J., Moreaud M., Sorbier L., Lévesque S.A., Bélanger É., Jeulin D., Becker J.-M., Fournel T., and Marquet P. (2021). "Characterization of living cells imaged by quantitative phase numerical holography: from materials science to biology", to be submitted to Biomedical Optics Express

Journal articles


  • Chaniot J., Moreaud M., Sorbier L., Jeulin D., Becker J.-M. and Fournel T. (2020). "Heterogeneity assessment based on average variations of morphological tortuosity for complex porous structures characterization", Image Analysis & Stereology 39(1):111-128

  • Batista A.T.F., Baaziz W., Taleb A.-L., Chaniot J., Ersen O., Moreaud M., Legens C., Aguilar-Tapia A., Proux O., Hazemann J.-L., Diehl F., Chizallet C., Gay A.-S. and Raybaud P. (2020)."Atomic scale insight into the formation, size and location of platinum nanoparticles supported on γ-alumina", ACS Catalysis 10(7):4193–4204


Conference articles



  • Chaniot J., Moreaud M., Fournel T. and Becker J.-M. (2017). "The reachable volume fraction in porous media in the vicinity of percolation threshold : a numerical approach used on multi-scale Boolean schemes", 16th Workshop on Information Optics (WIO), IEEE, 1-3




  • Moreaud M., Chaniot J., Wahl F., Perez-Pellitero J., Bouchy C. (2020). "Procédé de détermination d’un matériau pour une application prédéterminée", Dec. 16 2019 , n° 19/14.498