PhD in Image Processing

  • Professional experience

  • October 2016–September 2019:

IFP Énergies Nouvelles/Hubert Curien Laboratory CNRS UMR 5516
Research Engineer, Lyon/Saint-Etienne (France)

  • Improvement of porous media characterization by defining new morphological and topological numerical operators, named descriptors, for binary images
  • Descriptors extension to textural characterization for grayscale cases, and to other application fields: biology and neuroscience
  • Implementation (C++/cli) of plug-ins under plug im!, an open access software (
  • T. Fournel (, M. Moreaud (, J.-M. Becker, L. Sorbier
  • 3 journal articles, 2 conference articles, 1 patent, 8 international conferences, 3 ISS France Days

  • January–March 2019:

Mission as Research Engineer, Quebec City (Canada)

  • "Efficient Textural Characterization of Living Cells using Distance Transforms": extension of materials descriptors to living cells and to neurons characterization (grayscale images).
  • S.A. Lévesque, E. Bélanger, P. Marquet (

  • December 2015–July 2016:

Research Engineer (Internship), Lyon (France)

  • "Flow detection for vascular networks segmentation on high frequencies ultrasonic images (2D+t, 3D)"
  • B.Sciolla, P.Delachartre
  • 1 proceeding article

  • March–August 2015:

Research Engineer (Internship), Reunion Island (France)

  • "Wide angle sky image analysis for solar radiation forecast at t+2min"
  • N.Nitche, O.Liandrat

  • July 2013:

Technician (Internship), Aytré (France)

  • Responsible for on site verification of two trains and updating the database for one train on the MGV fast train project for Alstom’s Quality department.

  • Grants and Awards

  • 2019:

Grant, Université Jean-Monnet-Saint-Etienne (France), PNRL Mission

Grant, LRNP (CERVO) Quebec City (Canada), PNRL Mission

  • Education

  • 2016–2019: 

Graduate at PhD level, Université Jean-Monnet-Saint-Etienne (France)

  • Specialty: Science and Technology of Information and Communication
  • Discipline: Image Processing
  • Title: "Efficient Morphological Characterization of Materials using Distance Transforms"

  • 2012–2016:

Graduate at MSc level, CPE Lyon (France)

  • Department: Electronics, Telecommunications and Computer Science
  • Major: Image Processing and Image Synthesis

  • 2009–2012:

Full-time higher education in Mathematics and Physics

  • June 2009:

Scientific baccalaureate, high school leaving diploma

  • Languages

  • French: Native Speaker
  • English: Professional skills First Cambridge Exam (FCE) 2016, B2 level
  • Spanish: Academic skills

  • Computer skills

  • Scientific programming: C++/cli, C/C++, Python, Matlab
  • Edition: Latex, Word
  • Versioning management: Git, GitLab, SVN